Readers’ Letters and Comments – 09/13/18

Readers’ Letters and Comments – 09/13/18

COMMENTS ABOUT: “What sells best? Paperbacks, hardcovers, or ebooks?”

I must admit, I am surprised at the amount of interest I am seeing in the ebook, in general. When we (finally) released ebooks for the other two stories in the Highlander Imagine series, we started seeing spikes in sales, especially for the first book in the series (now several years old).

Today, people are using their phones to read inexpensive ebooks, more so than on a laptop or notepad.

Interestingly enough in all of this — when the TV was first invented, the screen wasn’t much larger than today’s cell phone. For decades, people clamored for ‘bigger’ TV screens until we now have massive plasma screens. And yet, with all of that ‘bigger is better’ technology, what do people strain their eyes on the most today? They read and watch TV on their cell phones.

Go figure!

My system has Acrobat Reader DC as part of the programme — I didn’t realize it’s a big deal you can buy. But then I don’t like to read e-books as I like to cuddle up with it, fall asleep, and wake up with it in my hands (what an awesome wake up call!). With e-books, I read three pages and never touch it again. I downloaded a $40 book like that and finally deleted it unread.

So that makes me a book-ie?

COMMENTS ABOUT: 10 THINGS YOU MUST KNOW about CreateSpace’s Death / “Merger” with KDP Print, and Why Some Authors are FURIOUS!

All this is new to me…. and I have/had 5 books on CreateSpace. Ssheesh!


I KNEW there was a reason I appreciated in publishing my book, especially after the nightmare I had with CreateSpace…. but I gotta tell you, this update nails it for me. Thank you SO MUCH for keeping us all informed!

Samuel Hill
Six Days to Zeus: Alive Day (Based on a True Story)
Dedicated to the men and women who work in the shadows to prosecute U.S. Foreign Policy with a ferocious level of intent. These are the men and women of “Tier One Intelligence Support Activities,” the soldiers who do the endless Intelligence Research and Surveillance work so SEAL Teams, DELTA Force, and ODA Teams can go to war, and come home successful.

Thank you for keeping authors informed. Happily, I am published through BookLocker, so I have never experienced anything other than kindness and professionalism.

Pamela Allegretto
Bridge of Sighs and Dreams
Nazi-occupied Rome sets the stage for Bridge of Sighs and Dreams, where the lives of two women collide in an arena of deception, greed, and sacrifice.


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