Writing Jobs For 7/29/15

Some or all of these links to writing job have expired. See the latest writing jobs by clicking here.

Freelance (Paid) Journalism Intern – Pays $9/hour.

Freelance Grant Writer

Freelance Bloggers
Best Online Universities LLC

Freelance Real Estate Blogger – Pays $12/hour.
real estate brokerage

Freelance Personal Assistant – Pays $15-$25/hour

Freelance Science Writers
therapeutic nutrition startup

Freelance Bloggers – Pays $50/post
blog serving professional pharmacists

Freelance HR/Finance/Biz Admin Bloggers (3-5) – Pays $50/post.
blind ad

Freelance B2B Sales and Marketing Blogger – Pays $50/post.
blind ad

Freelancer – to monitor employee communication and productivity. Pays $600/week.
blind ad

Freelance Software/Cloud Bloggers – Pays $50/post.
software company

Freelance Contract Curricula Science Writer
American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS)

Freelance Marketing Writer – Pays $17-$25/hour or flat fee
blind ad

Freelance Google AdWords Marketing Writer – Pays $250/blog post; $350/article
Google AdWords management agency

Freelance LitART Curriculum Writer – Pays $15-$25/hour

Freelance Technology and Marketing Writer – for a white paper

Freelance Ghostblogger – User Experience Design Expert / UX Design Expert
blind ad

Freelance Descriptive Video (DV) Writer
provide of DV videos

Freelance Comedy Writers – Pays $40/piece
Runt of the Web

Freelance Art Writers
new art website

Freelance Telecom Bloggers – Pays $100/post
telecom firm

Freelance Content Writer – Pays $50-$150

Freelance Fashion Copywriter

Freelance Financial Blogger – smart investing

Freelance Communication and Negotiation Ghostblogger
blind ad

Freelance Trend Researcher
Blueshift Research

Freelance Researchers

Freelance Food Diners – Dining and Restaurant Content

Freelance Writer

Freelance Swedish Translator
As Wish