Writing Jobs For 7/22/15

Some or all of these links to writing job have expired. See the latest writing jobs by clicking here.

Freelance Contributing Editor/Youth Mentor – near Los Angeles, CA. Pays $20-$22/hour.
Boyle Heights Beat

Freelance Writer – commerce and gadgets
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Restaurant Critic / Food Reporter
Phoenix New Times

Freelance Financial Writer
Fund Pro Latin America

Freelance Copywriter and Editor – to review a film synopsis
Tribeca Shortlist

Freelance Health/Recipe Writer – Pays up to $20/hour.
weight loss start-up

Freelance Copywriter
firm serving the real estate investment community

Freelance Grant Writer
grant writing firm

Freelance Marketing Implementer/Digital Reporter

Freelance Writer – Pays $10/hour
legal document preparation service

Freelance Product Copywriter – near North Seattle. Pays “around $24/hour.”
ecommerce firm

Freelance Writer – near Chicago, IL. Pays $75/post.
digital marketing firm

Freelance Copyeditor / Proofreader
C’s Editing

Freelance Editor – with reality TV and long-form documentary experience
documentary honoring a military veteran

Freelancer – to create mnemonics
blind ad

Freelance Reporter/Writer
online publication

Freelance Business Case Writer
blind ad

Freelance Editorial Assistant
Kaufman Wills Fusting Editorial Services

Freelance Science/Nutrition Editor/Writer – Pays approx. $15/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Online Researchers
Wonder / wonderlib.com

Freelance Travel Guidebook Writer – Tahiti/French Polynesia – Pays advance and royalies.
Avalon Travel

Freelance Blogger – communication and negotiation expert
blind ad

Freelance Blogger – outdoor enthusiast
pro-woman outdoor blog

Freelance Blogger – painting expert
Philadelphia-based painting company

Freelance Healthcare Writer
urgent care provider

Freelance Ghostblogger – Pays $80/post.
firm specializing in leadership training for executives

Freelance Korean-English Translator – Pays $20-$40/hour.
blind ad