Writing Jobs For 7/15/15

Some or all of these links to writing job have expired. See the latest writing jobs by clicking here.

Freelance Proofreaders – for assignments

Freelance Science Editor

Freelance Knowledge Translator / Medical Writer
Trusted Therapies

Freelance Digital Web, Entertainment, and Technology Exec. Assistant

Freelance News Media Script Writer – Pays $15/hour.
Opposing Views

Freelance Research Assistant/ Writer – to assist with climate/finance book. Pays $20/hour.

Four (4) Freelance Writers / Researchers – near New York City, NY. Several specific projects. See link.
blind ad

Freelance Writers – near New York City to cover mobile food community. Pays $25-$100.
blind ad

Freelance Visual Reference Guide Editor – near Carlsbad, CA
luxury goods company

Freelance Writer/Curator
women’s website

Freelance Write
online education company

Freelance Blogger
Sokolove Law

Freelance Copywriters
blind ad

Freelance Diet, Health, and Cookbook Authors
Callisto Media

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Writer/Curator
Daily Voice

Freelance Technology and Entertainment News Writers
blind ad

Freelance Writer
Testimony Books /

Freelance West Coast News Writer – Pays $15/hour.

Freelance Healthcare Writer
Deke Digital

Freelance Ag Journalist

Freelance Sports Writers
Sportradar US

Freelance Restaurant Industry Reporter
OTR Global

Freelance B2B Reporter – to Cover State Legislation, Regulation & Advocacy
CQ Roll Call

Freelance Creative Correspondent
Kankakee Valley Publishing

Freelance Lifestyle Writers – Pays $50.
web content agency

Freelance Online Content Creator
Big Think

Freelance Fact Checker
AVENUE Magazine

Freelance Marketing Strategist, Creative Director, Writer
American Ratings Corporation

Freelance Fashion Reporter

Freelance TV Writers

Freelance Ads Quality Rater – several languages. Pays $15/hour.
ZeroChaos, Inc.