Writing Jobs For 6/24/15

Some or all of these links to writing job have expired. See the latest writing jobs by clicking here.


Freelance Copywriter – to “revamp copy” on website. Pays up to $40/hour.

Freelance Writers

Freelance Blogger – yearbooks
provider of personalized yearbooks for K-12

Freelance Blogger – sales motivation
“sales, motivation, and negotiation expert”

Freelance Blogger – health insurance expert. Pays $50/post.
healthcare consulting group

Freelance Blogger – business and contracting expert
surety bond provider

Freelance Wedding Blogger – Pays $25/post.
wedding planning & event design studio

Freelance SEO Copywriter
SEO and web development firm

Freelance Music Bloggers/Reviewers
music promotion/PR company

Freelance Writers / Editors – several historical and other projects
blind ad

Freelance Web/Blog Copywriter
building materials supply and renovation company

Freelance “Creativity Guard” – for client communications
blind ad

Freelance Editors – nurse subject matter experts. Pays $225/lesson.
blind ad

Freelance Middle School Math Textbook Editors
Pay starts at $850/chapter
CK-12 Foundation / ck12.org

Freelance Online Summer Researcher – college admissions data
blind ad

Freelance Technical Writer
marketing firm

Freelance Editor and Content Writers
credit card portal

Freelance Manager/Writer
The Master Switch / themasterswitch.com

Freelance Legal Copywriters
law firm

Freelance Blogger
law firm, which maintains several law related blogs

Freelance Curriculum Writer
elearning solutions provider

Freelance Sports Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Auto Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Style Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Fitness Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Blogger
Doghouse Agency

Freelance Freelance Financial Copy Editor
InvestorPlace Media

Freelance Business Journalists
Innovation Leader

Freelance Creative Writer – for jewelry brand
Nirav Modi

Freelance Web Editor
international business magazine