Writing Jobs For 12/17/2015

Freelance Online Recruiters – to recruit freelance bloggers. Pays $20/hour.
blind ad

Freelance News and Events Curator
Metrocorp / Philadelphia magazine

Freelance Financial Markets Editor & Reporter
MT Newswires

Freelance Freelancer Writers
INSIGHT Into Diversity magazine

Freelance Writer
PR firm

Freelance Writers

Freelance Blogger – who is also a female hunter
outdoor blog

Freelance Data Researcher – Pays $14-$18/hour.
SR Education Group

Freelance Content Manager – Pays $70K-$80K
blind ad

Freelance Medical Copy Editor – near San Francisco, CA. Requires some on-site work.

Freelance Technical Researcher/Writer/Project Manager
blind ad

Freelance Blogger – near Austin, Texas
360Partners, LP

Freelance Technical Editor – Pays $700/week
blind ad

Freelance Writer – Pays $40K/year
Wordzen, Inc.

Freelance Writer – to recap TV shows
Us Weekly

Freelance Writers – Pays $15-$18/hour
digital media company

Freelance Web Site Content Writer – full-time
blind ad

Freelance Hammock Writers – Pays $50-$100
hammock brand publication

Freelance Spanish Writer

Freelance Writers and Editors – Pays writers $0.04/word. Pays editors $0.01/word.
blind ad

Freelance Food Blogger – Pays $50-$75
Food Hacks

Freelance Blogger – familiar with transforming small places
firm that designs and builds custom cabinets and wall beds

Freelance Scientific/Medical/Technical Blogger – to discuss scientific benefits of psychedelics
blind ad

Freelance Gay Writers – near Portland, OR. Pays “.07 cents per character.”
new online magazine

Freelance Transcriptionist – Pays $10-$20/hour.
blind ad

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