Writing Jobs For 09/16/2015

Some or all of these links to writing job have expired. See the latest writing jobs by clicking here.

Freelance Scientific/Medical Editor
blind ad

Freelance Resume Writers
resume writing company

Freelance Writers
Ultius, Inc.

Freelance Blogger

Freelance Article/Blog/Category Description Writers – Pays $12-$18/hour
BKA Content

Freelance Writer / Editor – Pays $25-$40/hour.

Freelance Reporter

Freelance Content Producer

Freelance Paid Intern – Researching and writing. Pays $18/hour.
blind ad

Freelance Writers
Peaceful Dumpling

Freelance Writer / Editor – to restructure training manual and other course materials
blind ad

Freelance Content Writer
blind ad

Freelance Medical and Health Services Writer
blind ad

Freelance Personal Finance Writer

Freelance Content Writer – Pays $20/hour.
Postali LLC

Freelance Editor – with analytical and critical thinking skills. Pays $650/week.

Freelance Bloggers – Apple enthusiasts
iDrop news

Freelance Content Writer – Pays $25-$50/hour
surgery clinic

Freelance Writers
history website

Freelance Blogger – Pays $25
Elarte Productions Inc.

Freelance Researcher
“very small firm with a narrowly defined area of expertise”

Freelance Reporter – near New York City, NY. Digital advertising topics.
blind ad

Freelance Content Manager – Pays $70K-$80K/year.
blind ad

Freelance Reporter
news site

Freelance Copy Editor
The Real Deal

Freelance Contributing Editor
MindHut / sparknotes.com/mindhut

Freelance Writers / Editors –  to help with the development of textbooks and software that teach high school students to use Adobe software applications
book publisher

Freelance Writer
DIGS / m3 Media