Writing Jobs For 01/21/2016

Freelance Curious Historical Writer
All Day Media

Freelance Contributing Editors
Industry Dive

Freelance Bloggers

Freelance Writers, Editors and Proofreaders
Brown Books Publishing Group

Freelance Comic Book Artists – for superhero comics
blind ad

Freelance Copywriters
Lean Labs

Freelance Court Researcher
Sunlark Research

Freelance Digital Copywriter
Institute for Women in Trades, Technology and Science

Freelance Copy Editor

Freelance Grant Writer – Pays $15/page (300 words)
Zelenz Consulting Group

Freelance Item Writers – ELA/reading, math, science, and social studies.
Northeast Editing, Inc.

Freelance Grant Writer
NephCure Kidney International

Freelance Copyeditor

Freelance “Major Website Contributors” – Pays “up to $600 per brand mention”
public relations agency

Freelance Executive Editor
biobased industry publication

Freelance Copywriter – Pays $25-$35
Nambu Botanicals

Freelance Writer
Hudson and Kings, a life-style design firm

Freelance Copywriter – near Seattle, WA. Pays around $18/hour. Requires on-site meetings

Freelance Ads Quality Rater- Japanese or Portuguese languages. Pays $15/hour.
ZeroChaos, Inc.

Freelance Custom Cabinets/Closets Blogger
firm that designs, builds, and installs custom wall beds, luxury closets, home offices, and other storage solutions

Freelance Gaming Blogger – virtual reality
videogame publisher

Freelance Management Consulting Ghostblogger
blind ad

Freelance Outdoor Ghostblogger – to blog about optics tech
blind ad

Freelance Managing Editor – who loves theater

Freelance Proposal Writer
EK Health Services, Inc.

Freelance Journalist
blind ad

Freelance Case Study Writer – Pays $1,000+
large software services provider

Freelance Writers
conservative news site

Freelance Writers – mens fashion
lifestyle magazine

Freelance English/Chinese Translator – Pays $150 for book summaries
blind ad


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