Freelance Writing / Photography Jobs for 11/16/16

Freelance Writers

Freelance Copywriter
recruiter for brand-driven design and live action production company

Freelance GED Content Writer

Freelance Speechwriter
Advocates for Human Potential (“AHP”)

Freelance Principal and Manager Medical Writers
pharmaceutical company

Freelance Inbound Marketing Content Creator
Orange Pegs Media bold

Freelance Blog/Wiki Writer
Center for Nonprofit Learning

Freelance International Reporter
HighLight Group, Inc.

Freelance Legal Writers Wanted
Internet Brands, Inc.

Freelance Magazine Writer
Teaching Theatre

Freelance Technical Writer

Freelance Associate Cities Editor
Vox Media

Freelance Local Bloggers

Freelance Travel Bloggers – Pays up to $100/post.
Electrim Technologies Corp

Freelance Feature Writers – Pays $0.20/word
Guerrero Howe Custom Media

Freelance Reporter
Medvostat LLC / hospital execs newsletter

Freelance Social Media Director
Quaintise, LLC.

Freelance Native American Languages Bilingual Interpreter
CyraCom, LLC.

Freelance Personalized / Social Media Internet Assessor
Lionbridge Technologies, Inc.

Freelance WordPress Troubleshooters
Web Mission Control, Inc

Freelance Typist – Pays $1.50/page

Freelance Comedy Writers – Pays $50/hr + $100 per accepted submission
That’s What She Said (party game)

Freelance Technicals Writer – Pays up to $65/hour
blind ad

Freelance Writer – cannabis news. Pays $50.

Freelance Food-focused Contributors

Freelance Writers / Content Creators
Guff Media

Freelance Writer – business retreat/general event planning. Pays $75/post.
blind ad

Freelance Writer – life-sciences/material innovation. Pays $100/post. Insert line
blind ad

Freelance List Writers – comic book resources

Freelance Tinder/Dating App Guru – to manage busy CEOs dating profile account. Pays $20/hour.

Freelance Remote Common Admission Test (CAT) Writer. Pays $25-$75.

Freelance Writer

Freelance Blogger
ad agency

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