Freelance Writing and Photography Jobs for 12/14/16

Freelance Online English Language Teacher – with task-based teaching experience

Freelance ESL Content Editor

Freelance Copywriter / Publicist

Freelance Editor + Writers

Freelance Gaming News Writer

Freelance Writer – Pays $50-$75

Freelance Middle Grades SS Writers / Editors
Aptara Corporation

Freelance Full-time Editorial Director
The Grow Network Inc.

Freelance Entertainment Slideshow Writer
The Cheat Sheet

Freelance Writer
Sencha Naturals

Freelance Writer
Local Surge Media

Freelance Online Mental Health Coach

Freelance Social Media Coordinator
Beetle Em Bam

Freelance Reporters
automotiveIT Group

Freelance Grant Writer
United Breast Cancer Foundation

Freelance Short Story Writers – Pays $25
Mystery Weekly Magazine

Freelance Financial Journalist

Freelance Writer
Prose Media

Freelance Senior Editor
The Nonprofit Quarterly

Freelance Digital News Editor and Reporter
CCTV Africa

Freelance Senior Correspondent — New York
The Holmes Report

Freelance Bookkeeper – near Los Angeles, CA
The Strindberg Laboratory

Freelance Vancouver Student Bloggers – Pays $50/post.
blind ad

Freelance Copywriters

Freelance Script Writer – Pays $15/hour
blind ad

Freelance Facebook Ads Copywriter – Pays up to $15/hour

Freelance Light-hearted Trivia/Quiz Writers – Pays $10/quiz

Freelance Writer – with metalworking experience. Pays $100-$300/week
Today’s Machining World /

Freelance Full-time Account Manager
marketing company

Freelance Researcher – labor market
blind ad

Freelance Writers/Reporters – near Washington County, OR. Pays $0.10/-$0.15/word.
local news organization

Freelance Dating Profile Writers – Pays $13-$15/hour
VIDA – Virtual Dating Assistants

Freelance Writer – wellness, psychotherapy and meditation. Pays $350 for 9 hours/month.
blind ad

Freelance Federal Technical Proposal Writer
blind ad

Freelance Content Writer and Blogger
online marketing firm

Freelance Writer – near Sacramento, CA
Valley Community Newspapers

Freelance Analytical Assistant Manager
digital marketing firm

Freelance Spanish into English Quality Manager
translation company

Freelance Chinese to English Translators
blind ad


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