Freelance Writing and Photography Jobs for 12/07/2016

Freelance Health Contributor

Freelance Digital Reporter
Interactive Content Services

Freelance EVP of Social Media & Digital Strategies
Calysto Communications

Freelance Technical Copywriter
T2 Content Marketing

Freelance Strategic Content Editor
The Daily Dot

Freelance Content Marketer
I Will Teach You to Be Rich

Freelance Remote Editor/Food Editor
John Brown Media, publisher of a branded food and cooking magazine for Southeastern Grocers

Freelance Comic Book Resources Freelance List Writer
Valnet Inc.

Freelance Radio Booker
Keybridge Communications, a DC-based public relations firm

Freelance Resume Writer
RiseSmart, Inc.

Freelance Health Contributor

Freelance League of Legends Community Journalist
Esports Edition

Freelance Data Researcher
Cannabiz Media

Freelance Grant Writer
International Festival of Arts & Ideas

Freelance Artists
Bounty: Episode One

Freelance Comic Book Artist

Freelance WordPress Designer – for travel blog
The American Roamer

Freelance Writers – Pays $150/post

Freelance Associate Writer/Researcher/Editor – Pays $45,000+

Freelance Lifestyle Content Writing & Social Media Intern/Assistant – Pays $14/hour
small content marketing and social media business

Freelance Academic Copy Editor – Pays $25/hour
blind ad

Freelance Closet Design Writer – Pays $75/post
blind ad

Freelance Youtube Writer

Freelance Scriptwriter – for our upcoming YouTube Channel, TheThings

Freelance Writer – for celebrity content
established entertainment website

Freelance Manager
digital marketing consultancy

Freelance Magazine Writers – Pays $25-$125
Vinings Lifestyle

Freelance Blogger
vaporizer company


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