Freelance Writing and Photography Jobs For 10/26/16

These jobs have expired. See updated job links at the bottom of our home page HERE.


Website Caretaker – 20+hrs / Week
Predators and Editors

Freelance Headline Writer/Social Media Specialist

Freelance PC and PC Accessory Writers
PC and PC Accessory Writers

Freelance Copywriter

Freelance Writer – Pays $5K-$50K

Freelance Dog/Pet Bloggers
Owl Mountain Products

Freelance Blogger – Apple-related Content
Apple blog

Freelance Key Bloggers

Freelance Writer – Pays $25

Freelance Senior Content Writer

Freelance Investigative Reporters
On Point Investigations

Freelance Clean Energy Reporter
InsideClimate News

Freelance Stock Market Reporters & Editors
MT Newswires

Freelance Strategic Content Writer
The Daily Dot

Weekend Full-time Editor – Pays salary + benefits
The Daily Dot

Freelance Product Reviewers
CBS Interactive

Freelance Sustainable Seafood Industry Writer – Pays $75/post.
blind ad

Freelance Real Estate Writers – Pays $25-$65

Freelance Writer
digital marketing agency

Freelance Writer – telecommunications/technology, public relations & marketing
blind ad

Freelance Blogger – Pays $30-$50/hour
blind ad

Freelance Writers and Photographers – Pays $45/story; $45/photo session
neighborhood newspaper

Freelance Blogger & Social Media Manager – Pays $25/hour
Solo Real Estate

Freelance Copywriter – Pays $60K-$80K
Live Your Message

Freelance Copywriter
automotive company

Freelance Illinois Writer – Pays $1000/month

Freelance Technical Editors – Pays $1.50-$2.25/page
Bookbright Media

Freelance Online Tutors – Pays $12-$15/hour
Brainfuse /

Freelance Director of Social Media and Communications
consulting firm

Freelance Wedding or Event Planning Writer – Pays $75
blind ad

Freelance Writer – Pays $12-$18/hour
Curated Underwear Club

Freelance Blogger
blog about psychedelics

Freelance Virtual Travel Assistant – Pays $15/hour
Hello Scout


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