Freelance Writing Jobs for 09/29/2016

These jobs have expired. See updated job links at the bottom of our home page HERE.


Freelance Social Media Writer
Global Learning

Freelance Big Ideas Writer – Pays $25-$75/hour

Freelance Contract Content Writer – Pays $35/hour

Freelance Writers
Canadian Franchise Journal

Freelance Content Writer – SaaS, Business, Web Dev
Audience Ops

Freelance Software/GUI Tech Writer
Users Guide, Hourly, DC Startup

Freelance SE Asia Correspondents
Inside International Industrials

Freelance Technology & Innovation Journalist
APN Consulting, Inc.

Freelance Writers
Pop Culture LGBTQ Site

Freelance Proofreader – for travel guide
blind ad

Freelance Part Time Transcriber
blind ad

Freelance Transcriber – for periodic overflow work. Focus groups, meetings, interviews, documentary footage, oral histories, dictations, etc.
blind ad

Freelance Content Writers – Entertainment, Weird, Creepy, Gaming, Misc.

Freelance Writer – Weird History, Military, Government, Conspiracy

Freelance Fulltime Editor – Pays $55K-$60K/year
Daiy Progressive /

Freelance Writers – Pays $45-$50
travel website focused on visitors to the SF Bay Area

Freelance Video Captioners – Pays $0.40-$0.75 per video minute

Freelance Funny Twitter Writer
blind ad

Freelance Paid Intern – pays “small stipend”
daily celebrity news site

Freelance Content Writer/Brand Developer – Pays $30-$40/hour

Freelance Copywriter – Pays up to $25/hour
recruiter for developer of board games and puzzles

Freelance B2B Marketing Writer

Freelance Video Scriptwriter
Valnet Inc. / The Sportster

Freelance Writer – near San Francisco

Freelance Blogger – pre-employment screenings in the banking and financial sector. Pay s$80-$100/post
B2B marketing company

Freelance Writers – Q&A, Prifles and in-depth travel feature. Pays $50-$100
Spirit Guides

Freelance Academic Writer – Pays $4-$37 for 120-word answers

Freelance Alt Text Writers
SPi Global

Freelance Copywriter – Pays $32/hour
recruiter for a real estate developer working on a very high end luxury property

Freelance Writer – to discuss reasons to sell one’s home. Pays $75/post.
B2B marketing company

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