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Is this weird or what?! Mt. Ivy Press / Jane Daniel of Gloucester, MA - sued by author in 1991; $22.7 million judgement by the court AND THEN Last week, the author of that book admitted her Holocaust survival story was a hoax. AND YET ANOTHER EMBARRASSMENT FOR THE INDUSTRY Margaret B. Jones / Margaret Seltzer, author of Love and Consequences, which was to hit stores on Monday, has admitted her memoir is fabricated. Margaret's own sister, after seeing an article in the New York Times, reported the real story of her upbringing to the publisher, Penguin Group USA imprint Riverhead Books. Don't miss this one! …

Whispers And Warnings For February 27TH

4 You Publications (former publisher of Splurge Magazine) - Served warrants for $79,000 in back taxes "Ray also had six legal actions filed against him by five private creditors in 2007 over non-payment of debts. Publication Printers of Denver filed suit in March against 4 You and Ray personally, seeking $102,534." and "Others filing legal action are 4 You's former landlord, Cook Construction, which wound up evicting the company; Valley Offset; Gregory Services; and Jostens." and "Rick Ray said he now publishes Splurge under his Inspired Concepts company, rather than 4 You Publications. He said there are no tax warrants against Inspired Concepts." …


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