“Will you publish my (bleep) book that makes you want to (bleep)?”

“Will you publish my (bleep) book that makes you want to (bleep)?”


Can you please help me (bleep) in all the (bleep) desires and fantasy category? I’m a terrific writer who is just (bleep) out of her shell. So I want to write books magazines brochures. Will you publish my (bleep) book that makes you want to (bleep) I just want to put everything everyone is thinking and afraid to do in the world.

A. (not!)

Email deleted – with no response, of course.

Writers and authors must be professional in ALL of their correspondence. While her readers may be looking for something naughty, an individual’s potential business partners are NOT. I have never been so offended by an email from a writer. EVER.



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The Art and Craft of Writing and Editing

Writing is a constant dialogue between author and reader.

The craft of writing involves an interchange of emotions between an author and a reader. An author creates a story line, conflict, and characters, gives his characters words to speak, and then hands off these materials to a reader. This process results in a constant dialogue between the mental imagery produced by a reader and that proposed by the author.

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