“What are the benefits of going with a hybrid publisher?”

“What are the benefits of going with a hybrid publisher?”

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What are the benefits of going with a hybrid publisher vs POD?


A –

hy·​brid | \ ˈhī-brəd

“A hybrid is a mixture of two different things…” (Vocabulary.com)

Such a cool sounding word, right? But…

Be very wary of the term “hybrid publisher.” Many companies use that term to trick authors into thinking that the company itself is footing part of the bill for book publishing. However, when you look at the numbers, the author is the one paying all of the fees.

For example, a so-called “hybrid publisher” may quote the author $5K in fees, but say that the publisher is also investing $5K in the book publishing project. In reality, they are NOT. It does NOT cost $5K to publish a book. Not even close.

A true hybrid publisher is a firm that pays all of the up-front publishing fees, but does not lock an author into an exclusive contract for decades. However, a hybrid publisher will typically not set up book signings without charging the author to do so, they will not send out press releases without charging the author for it, etc., etc.

A hybrid publisher will take a chance on an author, and invest funds in the project, but they’re not going to risk going broke in the process if the book does not take off. That’s why the contracts for hybrid publishers are usually for much shorter periods of time than those offered by traditional publishers.

POD (print on demand) is simply a method of printing a book only when it is ordered. Many hybrid publishers, as well as traditional ones, use POD technology now.

Abuzz Press, which we own, is a true hybrid publisher. Authors pay nothing up front and the contract is exclusive for only three years. However, authors are responsible for book promotion. And, Abuzz Press accepts only a handful of submissions each year.


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