When a Vanity Publisher…Pretends To Be Traditional

When a Vanity Publisher…Pretends To Be Traditional

Q. –

Hey Angela,

I have been offered a contract by a regular publisher but, because I am not a known author, they want me to commit to purchasing copies up front for a total of $4200. I realize that they want to get all of their costs back up front but that seems kind of high to me. What do you think?

A. –

Well, for a $4200 up-front investment, I think you are getting RIPPED OFF.

That is NOT a “regular” or traditional publisher. They’ve found a creative way to make authors pay for the up-front publishing expenses. Using the “you’re not a known author” excuse is ridiculous. Traditional publishers do not do business that way.

I checked them out online. They’re using the old bait ‘n switch tactic. On their homepage, they appear to be a traditional publisher. They told you they’d be paying part of the publishing costs, making it appear to be a co-op deal. Trust me. They’re not. To make matters worse, they claim to be a Christian organization. If you ask me, I don’t think Jesus would approve of their marketing methods.

There are plenty of complaints about them online, too.

If you can’t land a traditional contract, and if you need to self-publish, see our POD price comparison HERE. None of the companies on that list pretend to be traditional publishers.


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