“Should my website’s URL be my name or my book’s title?”

“Should my website’s URL be my name or my book’s title?”

Q –


What do you recommend for authors when they are creating a marketing website-their name or the name of the book, or something else?


A –

I recommend using your name so you can use the website to promote future books as well. Think about it. Imagine needing to create a brand new website for each book you publish. That would be a huge pain. It’s a much better idea to create an author website, and then create pages on that site to promote each of your books.


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One Response to "“Should my website’s URL be my name or my book’s title?”"

  1. mike  June 12, 2021 at 10:11 am

    IMHO it is better to both and cross link them. Add a new website for each new book, and off course cross link all of them.