“Can I copy keywords and phrases from other websites?”

“Can I copy keywords and phrases from other websites?”

Q –

I am writing an ebook. I have used the Internet to obtain some keywords and phrases. I have not copied any ideas verbatim. Do I need to worry about copyrights?

– R.C.

A –

I’m not an attorney and this isn’t legal advice. Please consult with an attorney for your specific legal needs.

That said…

It’s not unusual for authors, business owners, websites, etc. to review their competitors’
keywords/phrases and other metadata to see what might be working for them, and to incorporate those into their own marketing efforts. I don’t know of anyone who has attempted to copyrighted their own set of keywords/phrases and I doubt doing so would be successful.

I would avoid using any trademarked terms in your marketing. That could lead to legal problems.


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