UH OH – PART II! What are Employees of CreateSpace and Lulu Saying About Those Companies?

UH OH – PART II! What are Employees of CreateSpace and Lulu Saying About Those Companies? is a site that lets employees (past and present) of companies post reviews about their experiences. After finding atrocious reviews about Tate Publishing on that site, which gave clear indications from over a year ago that the company was in trouble, we decided to check out some other publishing service companies.

Last week, we checked out the employee reviews  for Author Solutions, which owns AuthorHouse, Xlibris, iUniverse, Trafford, WordClay, Balboa Press, and Palibrio. Their imprints also include Archway Publishing, LifeRich Publishing, WestBow Press, Patridge, and Booktango.

This week, we checked out some of the employee reviews for CreateSpace and Lulu, two other publishing services firms.


Overall, CreateSpace is rated only 2.8 out of 5 stars on

A lot to be desired

“Customer service department managers play favoritism. Very opinionated. Acceleration path leaves a lot to be desired. Treat you like you should be honored to work for them. Some of their customers can be very ruthless.”

Job was not as advertised

“No room for advancement because of the structure of the organization. The job was advertised as a “creative” job but I touched the Adobe Suite maybe once a month. I felt tricked into working on the front line of a call center. The company is shifting towards exporting most of the design work to India, so I wouldn’t expect this job to be around much longer. In my two years I saw a very high-turnover rate…”

Competitive stressful environment — everyone acts touchy-feely, but advancement procedure & evaluations are cut-throat.

“Quality isn’t considered — such as how helping some customers might take longer, but they get the help they need and don’t have to call back the next hour/day. It’s all about answering the call fast, getting off the phone fast, and answering the next call fast.”


“I don’t care if I get the book tomorrow if my last set of corrections were not all made, or it’s the wrong book, wrong color, torn or crushed during shipping cause you packaged it so fast to get it out the door. I don’t care if you answered my call in 4 seconds and got me off the phone in 3 minutes if I do what you told me to my manuscript and it still won’t load to the platform, or I order another sample and the spine text is still too small…”

Freelance Editing Vendor – So-So Experience.

“CS does not pay on time, though it has the money upfront from the customers. It says it processes invoices on the due date and pays a week to two weeks later. This doesn’t happen. Oftentimes, the invoice is processed a few weeks later and the vendor is paid a week to a month after that.”

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Overall, Lulu is also rated only 2.8 out of 5 stars on

Software Engineer Interview

“Final interview was where it really went bad, with a senior executive. He came off very egocentric and not particularly pleasant, and bragged about how an effective manager could run a technical company without knowing anything about tech. Basically: I don’t need to understand this to make decisions about it. Questions about the future plans for LuLu yielded suggested that after being crushed by Amazon’s publishing arm, they were going to try to cater to some (very small) niche markets. I think the final straw was that he pushed for an early start date if hired and wouldn’t accept a few extra weeks to allow for knowledge transfer. Also seemed horribly offended that I wouldn’t reveal where else I was interviewing.”

The bleeding will… not… stop

“Someone told me to not take the job during the interview process. One of them tried to talk me out of working there — boy were they right. Upper management is quitting on bad terms and people are getting fired without any notice.”

The Ship is Sinking

“Majority of the executive team is overseas and rarely seen in the office. Below average pay. Terrible location in ancient RTP. CEO that can not be trusted.”


“You show up to work every day waiting to see which one of your fellow employees is going to be let go. The turnover is ridiculous.”

Great People but terrible leadership

“Massive turnover and firings almost every month, of decent employees who didn’t see it coming. No clear direction for company – they like to say it’s an agile environment but it’s really a chaotic environment where you feel like you got on the worst type of rollercoaster.”

Many Nice People

“There is a lot of turnover at this company. It is also hard to tell what is going on with the company as the building seems to be quite large for the number of people.”

Avoid this place like the plague

“I worked here for a few years, and each day was spent looking out the window hoping for something better. There are zero opportunities for advancement beyond applying for outside jobs. Layoffs happened on a regular and unsettling basis.”

Rudderless comment is inline

“Top management not to be seen. Lack of transparency. Fear of being laid off or fired lingers in the air.”

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