BookLocker is “much easier than AuthorHouse.”

Good morning Angela,

The ( publishing) process was much easier than AuthorHouse. You have no idea how much easier. No irritating phone calls trying to sell me a whole bunch of stuff that I never used, but the stuff I needed I couldn’t have without purchasing the whole (AuthorHouse) package.

The BookLocker book cover went so nice, I was ready for battle gear and this was the first time I didn’t have to worry, cry and argue about a cover. It was done right the first time around. I didn’t have to keep redoing mistakes they made and I had to pay for. You have no idea, Angela, how professional this book looks, how nice it was to work with people who knew what they were doing and gave us information on how to promote our book without spending a wad of money and not getting results, when I could do the same thing and get results.

I’m sorry I’m ranting. You have no idea how much this process was so nice and easy. I also liked the fact BookLocker screened our books. AuthorHouse is publishing just about anything that will pay. My first book (at AuthorHouse) is a disaster right now because they published the bad galley they did. I’m so tempted to pull it and redo it. Again I’m ranting and I feel so much better about this book, Devil’s Cocubine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Carla Landreth
Devil’s Concubine