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Think Twice Before Gifting An E-Book, Memoir Lawsuits, Throwing Away Review Copies, A Book Becoming A Lifetime Move, And Much More! By Angela Hoy

I’m swamped! Our son, Matt, is arriving tomorrow, followed shortly thereafter by my cool step-mother-in-law, Rita, and then more fun family!

So, this week I’m sharing a few of our popular articles.

Enjoy! 🙂

Don’t Invite a Lawsuit with Your Memoir

We recently received an angry email from a woman who claimed her father’s book, which we published, constituted a violation of her privacy. She said she was going to have an attorney contact us (she didn’t have one yet). I know the author, and also know he would never knowingly hurt anyone so I was pretty puzzled. I immediately opened the book file and searched for his daughter’s name. He’d only used her first name in the book (she has a different last name now as she’s an adult), and only talked about her in glowing, fatherly terms throughout the book. On one page, he mentioned in one sentence that she’d gotten pregnant at the age of 16. He then went on to write warmly of meeting his grandchild for the first time. Could that constitute an invasion of privacy?

Don’t Invite a Lawsuit with Your Memoir

Don’t Invite Lawsuits by Real People Featured in Your Book! (Hint: You Can Still Be Sued Even If You Don’t Name Them!)

Did you see the news last week about a libel lawsuit against a deceased author? A judge has ruled that the lawsuit can proceed but it now involves his widow. Aside from only publishing facts that you can prove beyond any doubt, how can you protect yourself and your family from these types of lawsuits?

Don’t Invite Lawsuits by Real People Featured in Your Book! (Hint: You Can Still Be Sued Even If You Don’t Name Them!)

Authors Beware! “Gifting” Your Kindle E-Books May BACKFIRE!

I received an email from an author last week asking why he never received his “royalties” for a Kindle “gift” ebook he bought for someone. It was his own book and he had documentation proving he’d purchased the ebook version from Amazon. I checked Amazon’s reports and they didn’t show the sale for that month. I wrote to Amazon and the author was not happy with their response…

Authors Beware! “Gifting” Your Kindle E-Books May BACKFIRE!

Do Ebooks Make Good Children’s Gifts? Not Really…

Does That “Fictitious” Business Name In Your Novel Already Belong To Somebody Else?

Well, it happened again. An author submitted a novel and a so-called “fictitious”, non-profit organization he created for his novel was accused, in his novel, of being involved in a child abuse ring. He listed the “fictional” organization’s name and website URL in his novel. I’ve seen this before and it took me a mere second to Google the name and the website address and, guess what? They both exist (though they are not related to each other)…

Does that “Fictitious” Business Name in Your Novel Already Belong to Somebody Else?

Throwing Away Your Money On Review Copies?

Here are some common questions I hear from new authors…

1. Do you have a list of book reviewers who review (sci-fi, romance, business, finance, self-help, religions, etc.) books?

2. Should I send a copy of my ebook to book reviewers by email?

3. If I give you a list of reviewers, will you send them all a copy of my book with a form letter?

Throwing Away Your Money on Review Copies?


When my book, The Secret S*x Life of a Single Mom, was just a manuscript, a few people (including two literary agents) told me they thought it would make an awesome movie. I took it with a grain of salt, assuming every author thinks the same of his/her work. Nonetheless, when my publisher, Seal Press, bought it, I held onto 100% of the movie rights “just in case…”

HOW MY BOOK BECAME A LIFETIME MOVIE! The Secret S*x Life of a Single Mom

14 Tips To Give Yourself A Leg Up In Writing Contests!

The next quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest is right around the corner! Despite the fact that our guidelines have a list of hints for writers, many either don’t read it, or ignore it. After more than a decade of hosting and judging quarterly writing contests, we’re sharing some hints on how to get a leg up on the other contestants…

14 Tips To Give Yourself A Leg Up In Writing Contests!

Top 10 Mistakes New Authors Make When Contacting Libraries

A good friend of ours is a librarian. He has worked at a large city library since he graduated from college many, many years ago. He is also married to another librarian. Here is advice he shared about the biggest mistakes new authors make when approaching libraries for possible book sales…

Top 10 Mistakes New Authors Make When Contacting Libraries


POD Publisher Price Comparison Chart


How To Get An Honest Critique Of Your Writing (HINT: Don’s Ask Your Mom!)

I see it all the time in book proposals and query letters.

“My mom says my book will be a bestseller.”

“My best friend says my book will make a great movie.”

“My boyfriend says my manuscript is the best he’s ever read.”

How to Get an Honest Critique of Your Writing (HINT: Don’s Ask Your Mom!)

Got questions about Print On Demand and Self-publishing? Ask Angela Hoy.

About The Author


Angela Hoy is the publisher of, the author of 19 books, and the co-owner of (one of the original POD publishers that still gets books to market in less than a month), (print and ebook design for authors who truly want to self-publish), and Abuzz Press (the publishing co-op that charges no setup fees).

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