There are many content mills out there that have a confusing, vague, or buried clause in their contract that states contributors won’t receive a check until the amount owed meets a specific threshold. In many cases, contributors never reach that threshold. They end up terminating their contract, hoping to receive payment for the paltry amount they are owed…but then realize the contract terms prevent them from EVER receiving a payment until/unless that threshold is met. That means the writer has done all that work – for free.

In our opinion, that is theft of service and we can’t believe it’s legal. But, if you completed the contract, you agreed to the terms and it IS very much legal. But, just be because something is legal doesn’t make it ethical.

Think it’s just content mills that pull that fast one? Think again!

Last week, I received an interesting note from an author who told the tale of a traditional publisher (a well-known educational publisher) whose contract states authors won’t get paid until 2,000 copies of their book have sold. If they never sell 2,000 copies, guess what? They might get nothing!

The author, along with the co-authors of his book, finally received a royalty check 10 LONG YEARS after the book was published and they only received a few hundred each. He states he has already earned more than that in profits by self-publishing at

This is just another example of why authors MUST read every contract in its entirety, and must question and renegotiate specific clauses that are unfair.

At, we assist with formatting, which is included in the setup fees. All we need is a word processing file with all the text of the manuscript in the order you want it to appear in the book.

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