More World’s Worst Book Proposals By Angela Hoy

I’m pretty backed up this week so I’m going to share another installment of our popular column, World’s Worst Book Proposals. Yes, these are real! Enjoy!

Say What?
I an a great writer of motivational books, that is what i was call do in life, i have written many books on success i8n life, which is yet to be publish.

The Author Who Makes Up Words
i don’t want this book to ttake anytime, tell me how fast you intents to publish it and how you market it fastly.

Spell-Check Challenged
(Title) is a fictional book. It takes place 1826 and begins in Connecticut with a young man disiring to go west before settleing down.

After being rejected for a second time because the manuscript still contained numerous errors:
I am very disappointed that you have not taken the opportunity to be successful with this project. It is only minor editing if anything that can be rectified in minutes if anything. I feel your approach is incredibly unprofessional and shallow. Maybe you need to review your approach to online publishing to have any chance of being a success.

Submitted by a doctor – no kidding!
Born the son of academic parents, his mother a writer, his father a linguist who became a highly decorated hero as a behind the lines interpretor of languages and dialects of south east Asia, he disintegrated from the midevil life he’d lived. Alchololic and psychotic he threatened both the mother and the son and the son eventually kills him soon after he returns.

Hot hot!
This is an excellent work by an accomplished autor and sure is a hot buy

I don’t really know what to say about this one…
I know you said to email the manuscript to you for consideration, but I meditated about it and decided to send it to you by mail instead.

Um, okay…
Yes, I have grammatical errors in my book, but that’s how I talk and I’m not changing it.

Please “return” an electronic file???
After receiving a rejection, this author responded with: please return pdf, dont use, thanks,its copywritten, erase all forms of this book..

Something else you shouldn’t do? Forget to check spelling and punctuation!
The things you shouldnt do to be sucessful with women

A book for writers…by a writer??
It simply gives people better tips on difrent types of writing. Two peacies of writing samples in it have been published. 5 houres a week is all that I can spare for marketing at the most right now.

And more new words!
write me an inmmediately after your recieve this letter, i want to publsih about five books of my, but i will give your company these first, less than month, if i see your peformaces, i definately will send the remainly ones to you.

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