STARTING AT 12:01 A..M. FRIDAY! BookLocker’s Famous Half-Price Sale! Get Your Book Published for Only $487.50!!

STARTING AT 12:01 A..M. FRIDAY! BookLocker’s Famous Half-Price Sale! Get Your Book Published for Only $487.50!!

This week’s issue will be abbreviated because of the holiday. But, I wanted to remind you about three things:

1. BookLocker’s Famous Black Friday through Cyber Monday Half-Price Book Publishing Package Sale!

If your manuscript is not yet ready, that’s okay. You can sign up for the sale to get the incredible discount, and submit your manuscript for formatting when YOU are ready! You won’t find a deal like this anywhere else in the industry!

2. 20% off Every Book at!

This sale is also from Black Friday through Cyber Monday.


3. We are having our biggest short-run sale of the year for our authors. In addition to the regular author discounts we give all year round, they are currently getting up to another 23% off their book purchases. If you are a BookLocker author, check your email (we sent out an announcement) or CONTACT ME for info.

This year, and every year, we are so very thankful for YOU, our readers and authors! May God bless you and your loved ones this Thanksgiving, and throughout the holiday season. 🙂


As a first-time author of a metaphysical memoir, and no techy, I cannot say enough GOOD things about my experience with BookLocker! They lay out the instructions for proceeding so clearly, making it simple to follow. Plus are very accessible with prompt responses to questions you might have. Angela and her team are on it and very patient with us newbie authors! Have been getting raves about my cover design, which has actually helped me get my book on the shelves at a store important to me. My book was produced quickly with great quality. They are totally upfront about the costs, and there are zero hidden fees. I will not hesitate to use them again, and refer all my author friends to them. Exceptional, professional service and they sincerely want to you to succeed!
– Heidi Jurka
The Making of a Psychic
Join Heidi Jurka’s adventures in blissful expanded consciousness while she balances real world challenges. Heidi’s resiliency…

Thanks and Appreciation, Team BookLocker! I started this journey of publishing my first book, My Revelation…Stepping with Power, with a referral from Diane Roberts Stoler, Author of Timeless, to her publisher, Angela Hoy, CEO of BookLocker, with gleeful enthusiasm. Six weeks later, BookLocker delivered! They turned my baby, My Revelation… Stepping with Power into a fantastic, professional-looking published book newly released and available internationally. I am grateful to BookLocker’s online team, including Angela, Ali, Charlyn, and Justin, for bringing my book to life, listening and responding to my questions, and patiently following through with all updates requested. Team BookLocker, I appreciate your professionalism, creativity, and publishing knowledge. May this be the first of many more publishing projects created together.

– Cheryl E. Armstrong

My Revelation…Stepping with Power
A short story about an event on this writer’s spiritual journey of self-awareness and…

I have published five Young Adult Historical Novels with BOOKLOCKER, and each time it has been an amazing experience. Angela and her team Ali, Justin, Todd, and Brian have always made me feel as though I am their most important client. There are no hidden fees and the turn-around from start to final copy is accomplished in record time. The quality of the books is first rate, and my book covers are an artistic marvel. Thanks Todd! If you are looking for a quality product where you own the rights to your work, this is definitely the company for you. It is no wonder that they have a five-star rating.

– Linda Shields Allison

The Mandarin Bottle
Sold into slavery at six, Yah Ying is kidnapped and sent to the gold fields of San Francisco. A mysterious Mandarin Bottle helps…

The Emerald Bottle
Tara Maguire struggles to reunite with her parents, who have lost their farm during the potato famine in 1847. She is indentured…

The Bronze Bottle
A young half cast slave girl does not fit in at her plantation. She learns to read at night school, and escapes to the north with…

The Amethyst Bottle
In 1854, a mysterious Bronze Bottle comes into the hands of a young Russian boy.

The Turquoise Bottle
Australian, Hutch Worthington is branded as the son of a convict. He forms a friendship with a professor and they travel to…

BookLocker deserves a lot more than five stars! I had a terrible experience self-publishing an earlier mystery novel and was not eager about repeating the experience. After spending a couple of months searching for a self-publisher, i came across BookLocker and in contact with Angela Hoy. She walked me through their process which was straight forward and without any hidden or surprise costs–what wonderful change from my first experience! Each member I worked with explained what they needed from me and kept me informed as the process progressed. When my final copy arrived I was thrilled with the high quality of the paperback cover and pages. This is a book I am truly proud of authoring in a large part because of BookLocker. They feel like members of my family. You can’t go wrong with this company!

– Robert D Miller

Storm Rising
Actions planned to change U.S. policies and practices by attacks across the country. Attack cities, local events, services, even…

Just before and during the Pandemic, I decided to change careers at this late stage in life. So many mental health issues were plaguing Americans. As a retired psychiatrist who worked with both adults and children, I had a calling to help the many at one time through writing books, instead of one patient at a time. After conquering the fear of putting my thoughts onto paper, the trepidation of finding a publisher loomed large. After swallowing my pride from being rejected by “Big name Publishers”, I started looking at self publishing as I strongly believed in my message and direction for a healthier lifestyle. I lucked out with Booklocker as Angela, Ali and Justin made the whole process easy to navigate. Todd did an amazing job with all my book covers and I receive compliments on them all the time. I published 4 books with them in a space of 2 years. With all the current turmoil, I need to market my books more, as so much is at stake for the welfare of this Great Nation. Thank you for the work you do and the professional way you handle the printing process. I appreciate all of you for the input, help and prompt feedback I received when I had any questions.– Dr. Shila Patel, M.D.

The #MeToo Movement has unhinged us as a family. Americans are experiencing major mental health problems. We need to look at…
Mass shootings, race riots, climate change and the pandemic have created havoc with the American way of life. Americans are…

Many Americans are dissatisfied with how the Democrats and the Republicans run the country. What can citizens do about the state…

I don’t remember why I chose Booklocker to publish my first book in, 2001, but I can tell you why I just published my second book with them in 2023. Very simple… Angela, Ali, and Justin make the process clear, and easy to follow; but most of all, I was treated like family. They know what it’s like to write a book that becomes your baby… “she” was treated with kid gloves. What a blessing to feel like you have friends… that you’ve never met in person. To still be able to interact directly with Angela, the CEO, after 26 years is just one sign that Booklocker puts the customer first. In a day and age when customer service often gets relegated to the back burner… it’s a joy to know that my business is appreciated. Last, but not least… the quality of my book, from exquisite front cover to back cover, was beyond my expectations. I look forward to publishing the third edition of my original book next, and I’m delighted to say my wife (who published a book before we met), is bringing her manuscript to Booklocker as soon as her second edition is finished. God bless Angela and the rest of the family at… I can’t recommend them enough for your, “baby.”

– Rick Adair

Staying Sober in AA…When Surrounded By Drunks
How to get and stay sober…

Going to…Helen A. Handbasket
Eternal conscious torment in Hell is a lie. The author proves this fact while weaving his humorous, yet heartfelt, memoir in…

The Booklocker publishing process took the stress out of getting my first book available for purchase. Knowing that all the little legal and formatting details were taken care of and handled properly eased my mind and that of my coauthor. Plus, my book cover design is Awesome!!– Kathleen Krueger

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