Blogger PODdy Mouth Posts False Statements, Violates Copyright Law, Refuses to Correct Numerous Published Errors/Inaccuracies

$500 Reward Offered for Information Leading to the REAL Identity of PODdy Mouth

Imagine being contacted by one of your customers one day and being alerted to a blogger who is posting false statements and insults about you and many of your competitors on a continuing basis.

Furthermore, the blogger is writing under a fake name… which previously belonged to someone else in the industry – a respected person – who had recently retired. To add insult to injury, when you approach this blogger to correct some of the numerous errors in their blog, they post more false statements about you, attack you personally, call you names like “ugly” and “self-masturbatory”, and then blacklist you so you can no longer post comments in your own defense… all the while continuing to post false statements and refusing to correct the previously published inaccuracies. This situation is occurring right now.


REWARD!!! If you are the first to tell us the real identity of PODdy Mouth (not the original POD-dy Mouth, but the one mentioned above), and can provide verifiable proof of his/her identity, we will send you $500. We will, of course, respect your identity, but you must tell us who you really are because PODdy Mouth may very well try to trick us into implicating someone else. Please spread the word. If you know who PODdy Mouth is (or even if you want to weigh in with a guess for fun), contact: angela – at –

If you or your business has had a similar unfortunate experience with PODdy Mouth, we’d like to hear about that as well.

Three industry executives, when recently asked on separate occasions who they think PODdy Mouth is, all immediately gave the EXACT same answer. They all named the owner of a POD publisher that is frequently featured on the PODdy Mouth blog.

PODdy Mouth recently refused to give credit to the real website that broke the Amazon story, despite a reader sending him/her a correction. She/he deeply detests me (perhaps because he/she may own a competing POD publishing company?), and has made his/her feelings about me quite clear through repeated snide and false public remarks, even after readers pointed out his/her errors. He/she didn’t post those reader messages, of course and, as recently as this week, posted inflammatory, negative, incorrect, and even personal statements regarding our handling of the Amazon/Booksurge situation, even while vehemently opposing Amazon’s actions him/herself. I guess we’re too anti-Amazon while he/she is just anti-Amazon enough?? (Snicker…)

You can bet PODdy Mouth will immediately launch a counter-attack in response to WritersWeekly and Preditors & Editors exposing his/her actions so stay tuned for the fun!

Oh, and if you contact PODdy Mouth to complain about his/her actions, don’t expect a response and don’t expect your letter to ever get posted. You’ll be censored just like the rest of his/her critics.

UPDATE: THURSDAY, APRIL 17, 2008 – 10:45 A.M.


We have been alerted by a reader that PODdy Mouth just deleted his/her blog in its entirety. We checked it out and, sure enough, it says, “The authors have deleted this blog. The content is no longer available.”

Good riddance! Don’t let your guard down yet. He/she promised to stop blogging before and started up again. And, this person may return under a different name in the future! Never, ever trust anyone who refuses to divulge their real identity while they spew garbage about others online!

If you haven’t already, you should definitely read the article about how this all occurred HERE.

(Oh, and in case PODdy Mouth is reading this…it’s too late. I took screen shots of every single page of your blog before we ran the story.)


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