WHY THIS ISSUE IS LATE: Neighbor in Need

Our new neighbor had spine surgery late last week, and hasn’t been doing well. Since he only has a girlfriend in the area, and no relatives, we, of course, pitched in to help. Late Tuesday, he was in such agony that we all decided it was time to go to the emergency room. The problem was…we couldn’t move him.

Finding Your Article With Someone Else’s Name On It

Hi Angela,
I read your articles about dead beat editors and, while that is upsetting, it is more upsetting to find your article with someone else’s name as the writer.
Not getting paid for your work is bad enough but, when you see your work with someone else’s name on it, you just know that person crawled out from under some garbage. And, I can’t do anything about it. when my old computer died, it took a lot of my work, and the information of who I sent it to, and when. I backed up most of my work, but I didn’t get it all, I have the hard copy but that’s it!
I am a trusting person believing nobody in this business would put their name to another person’s work. I mean really, who would do something like that? The sad part is I don’t have the information about who I sent it to, or when. New writers. go figure.
Anyway I thought I’d share my tale of woe and call it a learning experience.
Stay well,
Angela D.
A Magazine Editor Rewrote My Article, Inserted Mistakes, And Put My Name On It!
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Warning Signs of a Potential Deadbeat
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The Winter, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest is THIS WEEKEND!

I usually try to take Sundays off but this weekend we’ll be hosting the WritersWeekly Winter, 2015 24-Hour Short Story Contest.
If you want to sign up, don’t delay! Only 500 entrants permitted per contest…

POD POACHERS! When Bottom Feeders Lure Authors Away from Their Existing Contracts, and Charge Thousands More! By Angela Hoy

POD POACHERS! When Bottom Feeders Lure Authors Away from Their Existing Contracts, and Charge Thousands More! By Angela Hoy

Slick sales talk and false praise will always draw in a certain percentage of the gullible population.
For vanity publisher salespeople, it can be difficult to find folks who are in the process of writing a book, or who are considering writing a book. But, after someone has published their book, it’s very easy to find those books and, subsequently, those authors online. I’m not going to tell you the simple method these folks use to find these authors because I don’t want to give other scammers any ideas. I can tell you, however, that it’s very easy, and only takes a few seconds. Unfortunately, new authors are frequently the target of spammers and scammers. Many authors report receiving spam from a variety of firms shortly after their books were released.
And, it happened again this week. One of our authors asked about terminating their contract. They said they were contacted by a “reputable publisher.” I first assured them our contract at BookLocker.com is non-exclusive, and can be canceled at any time. But, I’ve seen this type of victimization of authors before so I, of course, searched for that firm’s name on Google. I wanted to save this particular author from the heartache others have endured. What I found didn’t surprise me…

Writers, Are You TRYING To Get Ripped Off?!

Hi Angela,
I just got back into the country after three years away, and recently came across your site again.
What fun it was reading your “bad query” section again. Also, it is a breath of fresh air to see that you still raise hell about writers who write for peanuts. I’ve missed you. : )
Writers, Are You TRYING To Get Ripped Off?! Yet Another Reason To Avoid Pubs That Pay Crappy Rates!
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5 Digital Products That You Can Create And Sell By Reginald Gates

You’re dragging along as a writer and you’re doing pretty well. You’re making a comfortable living from your skills – and working hard for every cent. But, wouldn’t it be nice to start earning some passive income? Wouldn’t it be great to create something with the skills that you already possess (writing) that will keep on generating income month after month?
Maybe you’re not at the point in your career where you’re able to just write up a full-length book. That’s okay because there are some low-or-no-cost digital products that you can make right now, and sell on Amazon, your blog, your website, or wherever else…

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