Finding Your Article With Someone Else’s Name On It

Hi Angela,

I read your articles about dead beat editors and, while that is upsetting, it is more upsetting to find your article with someone else’s name as the writer.

Not getting paid for your work is bad enough but, when you see your work with someone else’s name on it, you just know that person crawled out from under some garbage. And, I can’t do anything about it. when my old computer died, it took a lot of my work, and the information of who I sent it to, and when. I backed up most of my work, but I didn’t get it all, I have the hard copy but that’s it!

I am a trusting person believing nobody in this business would put their name to another person’s work. I mean really, who would do something like that? The sad part is I don’t have the information about who I sent it to, or when. New writers. go figure.

Anyway I thought I’d share my tale of woe and call it a learning experience.

Stay well,
Angela D.


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