I gave in and threw out the Thanksgiving leftovers. After 5 days of turkey sandwiches and soggy stuffing, I just couldn’t stomach any more. On Sunday, we had our annual “Hoy Holiday”, where we go get our Christmas tree, put it up, and then eat pizza while watching National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. It was so much fun!

BookLocker “made the (publishing) process virtually painless”

I’d like to personally say thank you for your courteous and prompt service in helping me with publishing my book. Your experience, insight, and marketing tips have proven to be quite valuable. Above all I’ve appreciated your honest approach to doing business. The publishing process has been a learning experience for me; your company has made the process virtually painless.
Working with BookLocker has been a great experience. I have already recommended your service and will continue to do so.
Edmond Gagnon
A Casual Traveler

Are Online Ads A Fool’s Game? – Merry Morrison

Over the years, I’ve probably responded to a good thousand online ads for writers. Out of those, about one hundred turned into assignments that led to actual checks. Some were one-time gigs, others have led to long-term partnerships.
I have been hoodwinked, though, along the way…

How Often Does My P.O.D. Publisher Get Sales Info. From The Printer?

According to (my P.O.D. publisher), I have NOT sold ANY books – ever. They also claim the printer (which is owned by the distributor) “won’t give out those stats.” However, I have been contacted by international fans who have purchased both paperbacks and ebooks, so this is mystifying, to put it mildly.

Accountability – The Key to Success – Diane Stark

Every Sunday evening for the last year, I’ve spent a few minutes planning my writing week. I look at the deadlines I need to meet, my never-ending writing To Do list, and my non-writing related responsibilities for the week. Then I make a list of what I think I can realistically accomplish that week. I set daily writing goals, which are designed to help me meet my weekly goal.
Plan your work and work your plan. It’s good advice. The only problem was that I wasn’t exactly following it…

Whispers And Warnings For November 28th

Dex (a yellow pages publisher) – Settles lawsuit by restaurant owner who alleged their salesman listed the restaurant under the “Animal Carcass Removal” section after they refused to buy an ad.
Warner Bros – Sued for $80M by J.R.R Tolkien estate and publisher
Google – Guilty of libel in Australia “all because it didn’t remove a link to an incorrect web site.” They plan to appeal.

Over The River And…

My brother and his family are driving here from Key Biscayne this week and all the children will be here so we’ll have a houseful! The best news is there will be three chefs in the house this year (Ali, Justin and Billy) so I don’t have to do any cooking at all. I will, however, gladly do dishes as a trade-off…

Having a “Typo Contest” is a HORRIBLE Idea!

Having a “Typo Contest” is a HORRIBLE Idea!

An author told me the other day he found a typo in his proof, adding “I’ll probably leave it and send $5.00 to the first three readers that spot it and tell ’em it was test to see if they actually read the book…” I was completely honest, and told him that would be a HORRIBLE idea.

BookLocker is “much easier than AuthorHouse.”

Good morning Angela,
The (BookLocker.com publishing) process was much easier than AuthorHouse. You have no idea how much easier. No irritating phone calls trying to sell me a whole bunch of stuff that I never used, but the stuff I needed I couldn’t have without purchasing the whole (AuthorHouse) package.
The BookLocker book cover went so nice, I was ready for battle gear and this was the first time I didn’t have to worry, cry and argue about a cover. It was done right the first time around. I didn’t have to keep redoing mistakes they made and I had to pay for. You have no idea, Angela, how professional this book looks, how nice it was to work with people who knew what they were doing and gave us information on how to promote our book without spending a wad of money and not getting results, when I could do the same thing and get results.
I’m sorry I’m ranting. You have no idea how much this process was so nice and easy. I also liked the fact BookLocker screened our books. AuthorHouse is publishing just about anything that will pay. My first book (at AuthorHouse) is a disaster right now because they published the bad galley they did. I’m so tempted to pull it and redo it. Again I’m ranting and I feel so much better about this book, Devil’s Cocubine. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Carla Landreth
Devil’s Concubine

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