No Longer Raining in the Living Room!

The roofer found a 36-hour window between storms and quickly replaced the flat roof on the back of our house. Thankfully, it no longer rains in the living room!

Can You Republish Amazon Reviews? Maybe, or Maybe Not… By Angela Hoy

At, authors frequently copy and paste their Amazon reviews (in their entirety!) into an email, asking us to republish those reviews on their book page on our site. Doing so would be a copyright violation. Other authors also contact me on occasion asking if they can republish Amazon’s reviews. Here’s what I tell all of them.

How to Make Freelancing Pay When You’re Having a Bad Day! By Donna Kordela

Freelance jobs can come in starts and stops. Having a bad day? It’s an experience any freelance writer can relate to. You can turn a bad day into a good day by getting to your computer every day and trying to become the freelance writer you want to become. Here’s a presentation of five days that actually saved my writing life because I kept on trying to write in various medias. I didn’t want the 9 to 5 ball and chain so I linked to new markets to keep me going. It’s free advice!

Feelin’ Just Fine!

Thanks to all who sent me get well wishes last week after my very minor out-patient surgery. I slept for most of that day and was feeling pretty good the next. I’m fully recovered now and off the antibiotics, which were making me feel a bit green.

Letters To The Editor For July 18th

Thank you for my first ( royalty check, which arrived today–and which is bigger than the total of all royalty checks sent to me by AuthorOuthouse (AuthorHouse) since I did my two first novels with them in 2005.
I was looking through some of your material in WritersWeekly and found “Avoiding a Trademark Infringement Lawsuit is SO Easy!“.
I’d run a search when I started writing after I’d identified my main theme, and had found nothing except a mural (by the same name as my book). But after reading your article, I thought it might be wise to do another search. Guess what? There is another book with the title now. I’m so glad I checked!
I’ve now picked another title. It actually fits my theme more closely, but will require a tweak to my text because I’d geared everything to the title – but just a little tweak. I’m spending some time reading your material as I proof my manuscript. Thank you for the information you provide in WritersWeekly. I have the feeling I’m going to be very happy with BookLocker.
Thank you.

The “Everything Writer’s” Submission Toolkit By Amy Lorenzo

One guarantee in freelancing – you’ll be pitching your capabilities over and over again. If you serve a well-defined niche, it’s easy to put together new queries and bids. But what if your work spans multiple fields? Whether you do it to expand your income stream or to keep your writing life interesting, diversifying has advantages – but it can also make winning new business more challenging…

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