Feelin’ Just Fine!

Thanks to all who sent me get well wishes last week after my very minor out-patient surgery. I slept for most of that day and was feeling pretty good the next. I’m fully recovered now and off the antibiotics, which were making me feel a bit green.

Three weeks ago, Richard bought me the new Nook with backlight capability. When I first heard they were coming out with one, I got very excited because I wanted to be able to read in bed without the lights on. So, as soon as we could get one locally, Richard went out and bought it for me. I loaded a few new books on it, and was so happy!

Only two weeks after that, my new Nook was lying on our bed one night. Max (age 10) leaned over to give me a goodnight kiss when his knee connected with the Nook and C-R-A-C-K! You know, that would have never happened with a print book! Anyway, Max felt so bad but I told him he was giving me a kiss so how could I be upset with him? I’d planned to read my Nook while I was at the doc’s office the next day for my surgery. But, hey, these things happen.

The next morning, the day of my surgery, I discovered a brand spanking new Nook on the kitchen counter, plugged in and charging, and already loaded with the books I’d bought! Yes, my wonderful hubby had gotten up early and raced out to buy me a replacement! He also bought me 18 roses and waited on me hand and foot the rest of the day and night. Isn’t he AWESOME?! I am sooooo blessed. 🙂

This week’s Masonism:
A couple of weeks ago, Mason had a cavity filled. After he got out of the dentist chair with his mouth still numb, he walked over to a mirror and started making lots of faces at himself. He turned around, pulled me down to his level, and whispered in my ear. “Mommy, the sleepy juice makes my smile look funny.”

Big hugs to all,

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