Flood and a Tornado! (+ pictures)

Late last week, when we were receiving enough gentle rain from Tropical Storm Debby to quench our drought, I told Richard, “This sure beats a Maine blizzard!” Three days later, I was singing a different tune.

Five Unique Freelance Writing Jobs By Michael Brown

Five Unique Freelance Writing Jobs By Michael Brown

It’s not always easy to translate thoughts into words, and oftentimes as a freelance writer, it’s not even your thoughts that need to be translated, it is somebody else’s. Sometimes, the topics are familiar and sometimes they are dumbfounding. Quite often, it’s not a surprise to see a freelance writer wearing strange wigs or doing strange things during a write-up to get a “feel” of the unusual writing job that has been given to them. Here is a list of five unusual yet lucrative freelance writing jobs available to freelance writers…

The Art of Waiting By Alice J. Wisler

Ever since the death of my four-year-old Daniel in 1997, I wanted to write a book about grief and loss. As I grappled with my new bereaved life, daily yearning for my child, I submitted query letters to potential publishers. While some were interested, a few wrote back that they thought it was too soon to write a book of this nature. Too soon? ‘What did they know?’ I thought as I crafted another letter, hoping a different slant might work to get me a contract this time…

Pork Belly Fried in Duck Fat

All the kids came over for Father’s Day with the exception of Zach. We are going to be in Port Charlotte this week for a dentist appointment so we’ll be celebrating Father’s Day with him then. Justin cooked burgers for us that consisted of Pork Belly fried in Duck Fat and served over ground beef and caramelized onions. It was DELICIOUS! Sssshhh! Don’t tell our cardiologist!

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