DAYS 5 – 8: We Are NOT Acclimated!

On Saturday morning, I emptied my (rather large) purse and then re-packed it with sunscreen, bottled water, and an extra pair of clothes for both the boys…

Writing or Editing for Non-Profits: When to Say NO! By Jordan Swift

I recently walked away from a public arts organization that billed itself as a non-profit literary journal. It took other staff members and artists to wake me up. The poetry editor quit due to the senior editor’s unprofessional attitude, while artists that I contacted simply said NO to publishing their work for free.
The “we’ll pay you when we get a grant” job involved accepting all submissions, but I tried to be selective. In reality, I never got any quality submissions (unless you count the senior editor’s regular submitters) and it was for many reasons…

Get Quality Writing Jobs…the Old Fashioned Way!

After reading your articles about content mills, I am now left wondering what place is suggested to get started in freelance writing.
Writing sites give a lot of info., pro and con, but……..what is the
answer? What places are the best?

Whispers And Warnings For August 25th

WARNING about Travel Lady Magazine / – Not only do they NOT pay writers but if you ask them to remove your article later, they’ll charge you $100 to do so!
COMPLAINTS about Regent Media / / Here Media, Inc. / / The Advocate /
Publishers Weekly published an article about the financial troubles at Alyson Books, a division of Here Media (formerly Regent Media) here:
They also reference this article:
Regent Media Is Holding My New Book Hostage

DAY 1: Backseat Giggles

We’ve once again taken the business on the road! We’re currently on the trip we were supposed to take in May, which was postponed when Richard broke his leg.
As soon as we hit the road today, Max and Mason made up a rousing game with their Mario and Luigi dolls, and were giggling in the RV for a couple of hours straight. They were making the dolls fart on each other (sigh…)

Illegal Derivative Works

This week, I received an email asking me to comment on a situation regarding textbook publishers suing individuals for publishing “answers to homework problems.” It’s briefly discussed on HERE. In a nutshell, some publishers of textbooks are suing authors/publishers of guides that contain answers to the questions in those textbooks, claiming they are derivative works. I have to agree. When someone else uses your original work for profit it is, well, just plain wrong, and very likely illegal.

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