Get Quality Writing Jobs…the Old Fashioned Way!

After reading your articles about content mills, I am now left wondering what place is suggested to get started in freelance writing.

Writing sites give a lot of info., pro and con, but……..what is the answer? What places are the best?

Thanks for your advice.


Writers sometimes try to make “easy money” be believing the too-good-to-be-true ads placed by some of the content mills these days. Unfortunately, they later learn many of these are the equivalent of freelance sweatshops. A writer can end up working for mere pennies per hour – or for nothing at all.

The best way to make money writing is the old fashioned way – to send queries to magazines and to websites that pay respectable fees.

WritersWeekly has a vast selection of paying markets listed online, featuring the editor’s needs and each pub’s pay rates. You can review them by date posted here:

Or, you can search them using specific keywords here: