Letters To The Editor For August 18th

How To Design A Book Cover That Annoys Booksellers

Thanks for the article on book covers. It is always the hardest decision and first thing a reader sees when they look for your book. I still sort of judge a book by its cover and title, but some books I do not do so as they always surprise me. I buy martial arts mind books and they may be daunting for others due to their covers and titles, but they are really strategy books. With a title like Shadow Warrior, some would not believe that it talks of strategy. Regarding the article and how one should not cover the entire cover, well I had a marketing class a long time ago that talked of the store window and how someone should still see through it and it should not be completely covered with posters. Thus, a book cover is like the window and it should let us see inside the book before we buy it. Some covers have nothing to do with the book.

George Arnold Hall
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Hi Angela!

I just saw your old article ( about I’m struggling to make ends meet with a part-time job, and I eventually want to write professionally, so I was curious about Examiner for both reasons: money and exposure. I found your article because I was looking for other people’s opinions via Google. I found exactly what I wanted! Thank you so much for the information; it was so helpful in determining that no, Examiner is not the place for me.

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The Uncharitable Book Contest

I was excited when a book marketing newsletter mentioned a national charitable organization was hosting a contest for books published in 2010. One of the categories for the contest was personal finance. I have received plenty of positive feedback from readers for my book,