Mason is Potty Trained! Whoo Hoo!

I’ve been potty-training Mason for 10 days now and, not only does he ALWAYS potty on the toilet when he needs to now, but he also takes apart his little potty and dumps it in the big potty. Yea, Mason!
He did have one accident (only one!) in the past week…and it was when he went #2.

Gullible People Who Apparently Want to Get Screwed

Dear Angela,
I’ve been reading WritersWeekly forever and enjoy the heck out of it (I’ve also gotten a few jobs from it). I got a major kick out of your article, Gullible People Who Want to Be Screwed. Not the gullible people part (after all, if there were no gullible people, what would the online scammers do?), but your annoyance at people asking you to Google things for them. That happens to me frequently, and I now send them this link: They usually get the hint. Hope it works for you as well.
Stay warm!
Kelly Burgess
Senior Writer, Disney Family Group

Wedding Bliss and Paychecks: Writing for the Wedding Market By Steff Green

Planning a wedding is big business these days – the average cost of a US wedding is $28,732 – that’s more than many people earn in a year! Most couples have never planned an event of this size or cost before, so they’re searching for any advice to help manage their wedding plans. Bridal magazines and online planning guides cater to these dazed brides and grooms. If you’re passionate about taffeta and lace, seating plans and wedding bands, perhaps you should consider writing for the wedding market.

POD and Returns

I was reading the web page of and I saw your name in there. What I would like to know is; are there any POD publishers out there who take books back from the bookstores?

Whispers And Warnings For January 21st

Planned Television Arts / / Brian Feinblum – Admits harvesting emails from websites; accused of spamming an author 7 times.
RiseUp Publications, LLC. / / Ellis Management Marketing Group / EMMG / / Janice Ellis / Christopher Ellis / / – Publisher of For Posterity, Achieve, Creative Outlook, College Outlook Counselor’s Guide, The Business Kit, RX Dialogue, The Compliance Monitor, Future of Asthma, Managed Care Training, Pharmaceutical Representatives Companion, and Digest-ables – Some writers report getting paid; publisher provides attorney’s contact information; attorney claims many of the postings on are “untrue and, accordingly, libelous.”

Frozen Pipes!

For the first time since we moved to Maine, one of our pipes froze last week. It was -28 when Richard took the kids to school that morning. He was pretty grumpy when Ali reported her car wouldn’t start because that meant he had to get out in that cold. I, of course, expressed my deepest sympathy…before rolling over, pulling the quilt under my chin, and going back to sleep. Heh…

Gullible People Who Apparently Want to Get Screwed? By Angela Hoy

There aren’t too many things that frustrate me during the course of a day. If Mason potties on the floor instead of making it to the toilet, that frustrates me. When my computer shuts itself down before I’ve saved my current document, that frustrates me. And, when somebody asks me to Google something for them, when they obviously can very well do it themselves – and faster than it took them to email me – that frustrates me. The people that frustrate me the most, however, are the ones that send me emails like the one below.

Vampire Publishers

Good Morning Angela,
That article is an eye opener. Thank you for that information, I will be sure to read contracts very, very carefully. I have a background in business management and accounting, so I’ll understand any business jargon they can throw at me. This comes at a good time for me, I’ve had some nibbles on my hook (book) and I don’t want to get too overjoyed as yet. Any articles to keep writers alert are a service to your readers and much appreciated.

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