POD and Returns

Greetings Angela and Happy New Year,

I was reading the web page of Booklocker.com and I saw your name in there. What I would like to know is; are there any POD publishers out there who take books back from the bookstores?

Most of my books were published by POD publishers, the last one by iUniverse and I will be sorry to the very end of my existence for dealing with them.

A little over two months ago I got lucky (?) and found an agent for my new book. However, the Preditors & Editors web page has a note that says “don’t deal with them.”

The thing is I already signed a year contract with them already.

The blog I read about BookLocker was written by Mark Levine. He is an attorney and he speaks highly of BookLocker.


Some POD publishers do accept returns, but many charge authors a hefty fee to do so.

Making a book returnable rarely results in higher profits for the author. Bookstores notoriously order too many books and then return most of them, sometimes damaged. If making a book returnable resulted in profits, the POD publishers that charge for this service would be offering it for free. They’re just using it as another way to get money out of authors.

My opinion? All books should be non-returnable. You can read my strong stance about this topic here: