Frozen Pipes!

For the first time since we moved to Maine, one of our pipes froze last week. It was -28 when Richard took the kids to school that morning. He was pretty grumpy when Ali reported her car wouldn’t start because that meant he had to get out in that cold. I, of course, expressed my deepest sympathy…before rolling over, pulling the quilt under my chin, and going back to sleep. Heh…

I called the plumber later that morning and they were triaging calls for frozen pipes. The only thing our frozen one affected was our washing machine so we were at the bottom of the list, which was fine. It ended up not mattering because the pipe thawed out without breaking. Shwew!

Our heater runs non-stop when it gets that cold but it doesn’t get above 60 degrees downstairs. Brrr! It’s nice and toasty upstairs, however, where we work.

This Week’s Maxism:
“I’m glad we’re not animals so we don’t have to hibernate in the snow. And I’m glad we’re not hobos, either.”


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