The Annual Easter Slug-Fest

The large golden egg, which was good for a $20 bill that was perched on the mantle, was found by… Telling POD Publishers – Let BookSurge Print Your Books, or Else…

Some Print on Demand (POD) publishers are privately screaming “Monopoly!” while others are seething with rage over startling phone conversations they’re having with Amazon/BookSurge representatives. Why isn’t anybody talking about it openly? Because they’re afraid – very, very afraid…

More Than One Way to Expose a Deadbeat – Readers Respond

Hi, Angela!
I just wanted to update you on (my situation). I took your advice and wrote to the CEO of (the publishing company), included my paperwork, and happily, it worked. It took about three weeks for them to “respond” by completing the bank transfer–no one apologized or even acknowledged receipt of my letter–but they finally deposited my payment on March 10th. Thank you so much for all your help and advice, and especially for that last bit of encouragement not to back down. Take care, and happy Easter!

Want to Write a Unique Cookbook?

I would like to write an ecookbook. What kind of cookbook is good to write or has this been done to death?

Leaving The Nest

Speaking of leaving the nest, we’re leaving in three weeks, heading south in the RV, and taking the business with us. Whoo hoo! The snow has slowed down dramatically and it looks like we’ll be able to get the RV to the shop for the pre-trip inspection.

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