Letters To The Editor For March 19th

All Editors Should Pay On Acceptance!


Today I received your check for $40 for my success story. Thanks so much! That was really fast. 🙂

Amy Kalinchuk

Re: The Mathematics of Freelancing: What’s Your Hourly Rate?

I find that not including the first 10 hours as billable hours can be an issue of under quoting what the hourly rate should be, I would have included all 35 hours in the week and if the guy writing it had a blackberry or whatever there is to use in his area he could use up time for phone calls while he is waiting for his daughters’ events to be over. Writing is not 9-5; it is whenever we are there to write or our mind deems that we should write.

Sometimes we forget that we use those four or five hours that we did not count when we were just vegging and could have done something. We are not staff writers and I have averaged 146K Canadian from all the hours I have been writing per year. I work every day, but that is beside the point, and it is only $78.65 per hour as an hourly wage.

In (the author’s piece), he mentioned that he did an article that got 700 dollars and it took 7 hours to do. He needs to stick to more of those and write expenses off on taxes. Even a coffee while working is an expense and sometimes we forget that. Up to 33% of our houses can be written off here in Canada. Not sure about what it is in the states.

Spring will be around in about a month, so enjoy your day. Myself, I love winter, and look at summer as a break from wearing heavy clothes.