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I’m writing this at 11:00 p.m. on Tuesday night. I just got started on wrapping up this week’s issue. Since I’m running so far behind this week, I didn’t think you’d mind if I let the Maxism entertain you this week…

Radio Interviews = Poor Book Sales for Authors? By Angela Hoy

In last week’s missive, I discussed disappointing book sales resulting from authors appearing as guests on radio shows. I inquired if readers have had similar or different experiences and asked you to to share your experiences. All but one of you reported poor book sales. The one positive email I received wasn’t actually sent by the author himself, but by the radio host who interviewed him. However, some of you did report other good things that resulted from your radio interviews. Here’s what you said…

How to Collect From a Deadbeat Company By Ben Paid

Dear Angela,
While browsing through the latest issue of WritersWeekly, I saw the byline “Ben Paid” for the article about a freelancer attempting to get paid. The name made me laugh, and I assumed the writer was successful. I scrolled through the article and saw that the name was indeed the invention of a very creative mind! Kudos for that!
I plan to read the article later later since I need to get back to another project. However, I wanted to thank the writer for making me laugh. I look forward to learning how Ben collected payment. I belong to the National Writers Union, and they’ve got a great grievance division to help membrs collect payment. I started the grievance process in July to collect payment owed in April. I received the payment last month! If I didn’t belong to the union, I’d contact you. I know from reading Writers Weekly, that Angela lettersoften produce results.
Thanks for all that you do!
Liz Swain, San Diego

Agents You Don’t Want By Melissa Mayntz

Novice writers often assume that if any agent agrees to review or represent their work, they have automatically entered the harrowing yet rewarding world of publication. In fact, however, there are many unscrupulous agents who seek to take advantage of unwary writers or who simply aren’t familiar enough with the publishing world to do justice to a writer’s work. Every writer should be familiar with these warning signs to avoid agents that may put their work six feet under instead of in a publisher’s hands.

On spec? No pay or pay?

Dear Angela,
Another writer suggested I contact you. What a magazine wants from me doesn’t sound quite right to her.
I wrote an article, on my own, and then queried a large Canadian magazine and asked if I could submit it to them. The editor responded right away and asked me to submit it ‘on spec’ since they haven’t dealt with me before and because the article is written in first person. She wants me to submit 750 words.

A Foot in the Door By Keith Latch

Writing careers are not made with one book. They just aren’t. That’s a rule. Of course, that being the rule, there are exceptions. J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Stephen King’s Carrie, Nicholas Sparks and his blockbuster debut The Notebook to name of few. But that’s just it, try to think of more. I’ll wager you’d be hard-pressed doing so.

The Best Gift Ever…

We had another birthday in the family last week. Zach, our oldest, turned 21. He opened his presents and then we all went out to dinner. His girlfriend, Alyssa, made his favorite – Oreo Cheesecake. He sure hated sharing it with the rest of us! Ha ha…

Can Radio Interviews Still Sell Books? By Angela Hoy

An author sent me a note this week inquiring about using an 800 number during radio interviews to sell books to people who are listening in their cars. I shared my opinions with him (see below). I’d love to hear from other readers who have attempted to sell books through radio interviews! Was it successful for you or were you disappointed in the results? Do you think ipods and satellite radio have made radio shows less lucrative for authors trying to market their books over the airwaves? Do you think my statements below are incorrect? Or do you agree with me?


Letters will return next week.

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