How to Collect From a Deadbeat Company By Ben Paid

Dear Angela,

While browsing through the latest issue of WritersWeekly, I saw the byline “Ben Paid” for the article about a freelancer attempting to get paid. The name made me laugh, and I assumed the writer was successful. I scrolled through the article and saw that the name was indeed the invention of a very creative mind! Kudos for that!

I plan to read the article later later since I need to get back to another project. However, I wanted to thank the writer for making me laugh. I look forward to learning how Ben collected payment. I belong to the National Writers Union, and they’ve got a great grievance division to help membrs collect payment. I started the grievance process in July to collect payment owed in April. I received the payment last month! If I didn’t belong to the union, I’d contact you. I know from reading Writers Weekly, that Angela lettersoften produce results.

Thanks for all that you do!

Liz Swain, San Diego