Can I Ask Them To Pay Me For The Rewriting?

I recently turned in a first person piece as it was assigned to me for a women’s monthly. I’ve written for the mag tons of times and have a great relationship with my editor. They loved the piece. However, right before the story was to go to print, one of the top editors pulled it. […]

Outwitting Deer? I hope so!

We spent the Memorial Day weekend at the “homestead” in western Maine. Richard and Frank started building a storage shed, Frank made a garden for me and I spent a lot of time inside the RV with Mason. The black flies were out in force and Mason doesn’t yet know how to swat them out of his face. He did sustain one bite. One of the little buggers got to him in the RV. Max occupied himself by building little dams in the stream and then knocking them down. We heard wild turkeys calling to each other all weekend. Frank also found some firefly larvae. They had little glowing dots on their butts! Frank and Max were, needless to say, thrilled.


Angela is playing catch-up from the holiday weekend. Her blog will return next week.

Letters To The Editor For May 30th

This week:

  • Authors Who Avoid Traditional Publishers
  • Signing Back-Dated Non-Compete?!
  • Do You Owe Writers Money? by “In-Debt Chet”
  • From the Spring ’07 24-Hour Short Story Contest 1st Place Winner

Child + Writer = Inspiration By Sara Webb Quest

Child + Writer = Inspiration By Sara Webb Quest

I’ve had over a dozen interviews published in the local Prime Time Cape Cod magazine. I got this job after emailing its editor a couple samples of children’s articles and reviews I’d written for another local publication. Guess what? Writing locally pays well and is fun.

Whispers And Warnings For May 30th

Hey Buddy, Can You Spare Some R.E.M.?

Mason (11 months) has a bad cold and he’s been very congested for two days. Needless to say, I’m swimming in a stupefied haze due to lack of R.E.M. sleep. I know lots of parents complain about lack of sleep but, truthfully, missing sleep hasn’t ever bothered me in my mommy career. I enjoy cuddling a baby late at night (or early in the morning) when they don’t feel good and need mommy’s lovies. And, Mason just learned how to give sloppy kisses. You can imagine the horror on the other children’s faces when Mason, with his runny baby nose, tries to give them a sloppy baby kiss. Heh…

Authors Who Avoid Traditional Publishers By Angela Hoy

Last week, we talked about how many self-published authors have landed traditional contracts only after self- publishing. This week, I’d like to talk about authors who avoid traditional publishing houses for some (or all) of their titles, and why.
Years ago, I wrote and self-published a book with another author. It was a book about successful online publishing. We put the book up for sale as an ebook and it sold very well…so well, in fact, that it sold at auction to a large New York publisher a few weeks later. The initial advance was nice – very nice. It helped pay the down payment on our new home in Maine. But, there were quite a few downsides…

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