Sick…and Tired

I had a sore throat on Wednesday night. On Thursday morning, I warned Richard not to kiss me, but he did anyway as he left for the airport at 4:30 a.m. It’s so romantic to have a husband who will kiss you, no matter how snotty or miserable you are…but boy is he gonna be sorry when the incubation period is over!

Newspaper Contracts

Hi Angela,
Just got done reading the letters to the editor. Linda Odum sent in a letter with the information, “Most newspapers do not have contracts and the writer is free to send an article to as many places as she wishes.” I would caution other writers to check with these newspapers before making such an assumption. My local paper is for a small town, would not be considered national or even to have a big region like Chicago or other cities. And this small local paper has an all rights contract for writers – the infamous ‘work for hire’ type of contract. Other writer friends have mentioned other small town papers that do this as well. The reason I was given (not sure if this is the true reason or not) is this allows the wire services like AP, etc. to pick up these articles.
I realize this may not be true for all locations. In my case, my small town is home to the Mayo Clinic as well as an IBM campus. Any locally reported news could be of interest nationally. However, a writer who does receive a contract will receive it at the beginning and not the end of the assignment. You will find out when you pitch to your local newspaper (or small newspapers in other locations) what their policy is.
Linda offered some good advice, but small local papers are not as easy to use for resale as it would appear. At least, not in my area.
Thanks for the great resource!

Helping Yourself By Helping Others By Marie E. Cecchini

If you’ve never given a second thought to the idea of writing for a non-profit organization, it may be time to think again. In their never-ending search for funding, non-profit organizations are constantly in need of copy to promote their cause, update the public, and seek donations. Efforts to do this can require producing flyers, newsletters, pamphlets, booklets, and even radio and/or television spots – all of which require writing. That’s where you come in.

How To Respond To Negative Rating?

Since I started writing for this site’s clients, my rating has been at the highest level, as I treat each client’s project with extreme care and respect, and give each one 100% effort.
My problem involves the rating I was given by a first-time client from Europe who wanted an ebook written about her unique business. I estimated that the project would take about one month. After accepting the project, my client became ill and couldn’t send the necessary material for me to begin working. Two weeks passed, and finally I received her material. I communicated regularly with her throughout this period and until I completed the project, incorporating her edits and comments. I also advised her that I would not meet the proposed deadline due to not receiving her material on time.
You can imagine my surprise and shock when she wrote in my rating that I was late finishing the project.

Stories + Photos = More Sales By Joan Airey

When I first started as a freelance writer, rejection slips had a negative affect on my productiveness. Turning lemons into lemonade has increased my income.

Digging Out, Leaving On A Jet Plane, And Ha-choo!!

There’s a LOT more snow on the ground now. We got hammered by the blizzard and the boys (mostly Matt and Zach) spent a couple of hours cleaning up the mess last week. It’s still pretty deep out there but at least we can get the cars in and out of the driveway. As promised, here are some blizzard photos…

Excuse Me But…Is This Name Taken? By Angela Hoy

One statement I often hear from new authors is, “Oh no! My book has the same name as another book!”
This is actually a common problem. There are lots of books with identical names. While you can’t copyright a name, you can trademark a name or phrase. Not many authors go to the trouble of registering a trademark. And, honestly, registering a trademark is pretty expensive so I wouldn’t advise doing it, unless you plan to roll out an entire business or line of books using a phrase from your title (i.e. Chicken Soup for the Soul).

Letters To The Editor For February 21st

  • EIN vs. Social Security Number
  • Whose Fault is It That I Didn’t Get Paid?
  • Simple Formula for Determining Writing Fees
  • Balancing a Large Family while Working at Home

Educating Your Client By Don Baumgart

I get a lot of work from graphic designers, and it usually starts with a phone call. “A client came in today and wants me to design a brochure. But, I told her, ‘You need some help with this copy.’ I gave her your number.”
Developing a good working relationship with one or more graphic designers can be like opening a wellspring of job opportunities for a writer. You’re going to have to be fast because when the designer hands the job off to you, it’s usually the midnight hour with a client expecting ink on paper in a few days.

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