What Kind Of Rights Are These And How Much Should I Charge?

Dear Angela, I wrote a series of short articles for a national parenting website a couple of years ago. I was paid for first time use. Last week, an agency asked me for permission to use my articles as training resources for their prospective clients (as required by law in their state). They did not offer any payment.

While I’m flattered that they consider my work worthy of such a request, I know I need more than flattery to earn a living. So, what is an appropriate fee for me to expect for this type of use?

What this firm is asking is for permission to publish your material as something like a brochure. You should absolutely charge them for this. But, how much?

When someone expresses an interested in buying something that has already been published, you don’t need to automatically assume you must charge them less than you were paid for first rights. In fact, it is none of their business how much you were paid for first rights. Name the price you think is fair and tell them that is what it will cost them to publish your material.

If they hadn’t found your material, they probably would have had to hire a writer to create this “brochure.” You should charge them accordingly.