Too Cold For Babies to Be Outside

It got so cold here last week that we couldn’t take Mason out to dinner with us. Max decided to stay home with the big kids, too, so Richard and I had a real date for the first time since before Mason was born. It was very nice and very romantic as we ate at a new restaurant in town…and then went to Home Depot for some new bathroom lighting (sigh).

How Much Would You Write For? By Angela Hoy

There has been a lot of controversy lately about the crappy writing jobs posted online by people who will only pay around a buck or two for an article/blog posting. We’ve also been getting complaints about writers getting writing jobs and then subbing those jobs out to other writers, unbeknownst to the publishers, for only a buck or two.

Letters To The Editor For January 31st

This Week:

  • The WritersWeekly Quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest
  • Check Your Country’s Bad Check Laws!
  • WritersWeekly Readers Care!

Plan Your Writing Success With A Business Plan By Pamela White

Recently, while looking over my budget and knowing that college bills would come all too soon for my three children, I had to get serious about my writing business. I knew I needed to turn my part time writing in to a full time career.

How To Submit Clips

I was wondering if you might address the proper protocol for submitting clips to editors. I am a new writer (just two published, paid articles) and I am not sure about the proper format for sending clips. I do not want to commit any copyright violations. When editors request clips, should I send my original Word document with the name of the magazine, when it appeared and contact info, or should I scan the article directly from the magazine and send a copy of that file?

Whispers And Warnings For January 31st

Haute Living Magazine / – Four more victims?!
The Town Observer in Bridgewater, MA / Ed Sunshine – Writer alleges publisher reprinted his article without permission; refused his certified letter.
Grand Magazine / – Charges writers $10 to submit! Ha ha ha!!!
Family Digest Magazine / / Mobley Entertainment /
Family Digest Show / Darryl Mobley
– Writer finally receives payment!
Molly Gallagher / Molly Gallagher and Associates, LTD / / / The Fox River Company / /
Gal Friday Chicago / / The Chick Lit /
– Very messy exchange!

The Electrician’s A Capella

We had a snow day last Friday so the children got an unexpected three-day weekend. We have tons of snow now and it’s been incredibly, uncomfortably cold with highs in the single digits and wind chills in the deep negatives. One of my eyeballs started to freeze when I was walking through a brisk wind at Frank’s school the other day.

This Week:

  • Learn To Lie
  • Should Haute Living Magazine Pay This Writer?
  • This Collection Technique Worked
  • Former Bank Employee Offers More Advice About Bad Checks
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