Letters To The Editor For January 31st

The WritersWeekly Quarterly 24-Hour Short Story Contest

Hi Angela,

I just wanted to say how much I enjoy these contests. It doesn’t even matter to me the outcome because I see it as a learning experience. After I submit the stories to you I refine them and use them as assignments in my college class. Yes, we old people go to college, too. After the gentle critiques from my fellow students, I revise them again. The last story (for the summer 2006 contest), about the kids on the bus and the black bag, was revised and used as a submission for our local Writers of Kern 2007 Anthology. So thank you for stretching me and making me work!

All the best,

Check Your Country’s Bad Check Laws!

Re: When Customers Write Bad Checks

Check out your laws regarding NSF cheques and fraud before sending a collection letter because here in Canada, once contact is made after an NSF cheque is issued, between the parties, it is no longer considered fraud but a matter of credit. Here, one has to contact the police directly, without first giving the person a chance to rectify. It is the chance to rectify that changes it from fraud to a credit issue.


WritersWeekly Readers Care!

Whaddaya think, Ang? Is it as simple as, Writers Weekly readers totally rock? I get such great fan mail whenever you run one of my pieces. Of course, since the emails come from fellow writers, they are specific about why my words moved them; most gratifying.

Writing for WritersWeekly is a really fine gig. Thanks for the opportunity.

Warm regards,

Carol L. Skolnick — Clear Life Solutions
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