Baby Breech

After bragging over the past few weeks about the baby being fully engaged and ready for launch, we were shocked to learn last week that Mason’s head is NOT fully engaged after all…

Editor’s Advice is an Opportunity to Grow By Nicole Feliciano

When my daughter arrived last July, my work product stagnated. Adjusting to my new role as a parent took some wind out of my freelance sails and sales! Imagine my delight when an online pet magazine editor contacted me with an offer of a one-year feature article contract.

The Birth Blog

We are having the baby at home (unless something happens, of course), and Ali, our 15-year-old daughter, will be helping Richard blog the event with frequent updates and maybe even some photos (no nudity, not to worry – I’m far too modest for that!) if things are progressing slowly. We were originally going to set up the blog up for family and friends, but so many readers and authors have asked to be notified of the event that Richard set up an email list so we can tell everyone when I go into labor and where to access the blog.

Top 10 Signs You’ve Been Scammed Into Writing for Free By Angela Hoy

I receive complaints about unscrupulous publishers daily. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell if you’re being scammed or not. Today, I thought I’d share some common excuses we see for non-payment. In all cases below, if the writer had obtained a contract, they’d have had an easier time securing payment.

A Scum Term Paper Mill Owes You Money? Now, Really… What Did You Expect?

Hi Angela,
The whole Term Paper Mill always reminds me of a married man or woman who cheats on their spouse, divorces the spouse and marries the man or woman they cheated with – and later are so upset and dismayed when their new spouse cheats on them. Duh, what did you expect?
Pat Brown

Hi Angela–
I’m one of your loyal subscribers and a fellow writer and I just wanted to email KUDOS!!! for your opinion on Scum Term Paper Mills. Sadly, the people (who have some nerve calling themselves “writers”) who write for these outfits deserve whatever they get as obviously they have no conscience, nor respect for their own writing.
Christine Ochadlick

Happy Hour and Other Ways to Sell Your Books By Tom David

The first thing needed to successfully sell books is an efficient infrastructure; an internal support system that will allow you to move comfortably in the field without worry about delivery and quality of your book. I do not know what other publishers offer. I do know that Angela and her team at provide excellent service in this area. Fifteen years as a Financial Advisor, I know very well that the “back office” needs to work or you can be left feeling pretty silly in the public eye.

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