Happy Hour and Other Ways to Sell Your Books By Tom David

The first thing needed to successfully sell books is an efficient infrastructure; an internal support system that will allow you to move comfortably in the field without worry about delivery and quality of your book. I do not know what other publishers offer. I do know that Angela and her team at Booklocker.com provide excellent service in this area. Fifteen years as a Financial Advisor, I know very well that the “back office” needs to work or you can be left feeling pretty silly in the public eye.

With that in place, make sure you understand your market, your specific market. My market is parents. My specific market is a certain type of parent. If a parent has no interest in sex, beer, sports or general fantasy fiction, they will still agree with my message, but they will have no interest in my story.

Then cover your basics (or have them ready before-hand). My business card is simple and has one purpose, to get people to my website. Once there, they can learn about me, learn about the book, link to local attractions/businesses, click to my blog, and, yes, order my book. For exposure, I also have posters of various sizes in at least twenty local businesses. One of the largest contributors to sales has been the result of getting books into the hands of people with daily exposure to the public. If people know you, and like your story, they will tell a lot of people. And that is worth a lot more than you touting your own book.

What I did not expect, but has led to more sales by me personally than on-line, is a buyer’s inability to, or fear of, ordering on-line. Many, many people, I have come to learn, don’t like, don’t want, or can’t order on-line. So, make yourself very accessible to deliver, sign and sell books in person. Example: Word of mouth about the book has me in several small businesses next week to sell/sign books to women who will give them to their husbands for Father’s Day. Given my market, my short-term goal is now to market to women for Father’s Day. The other area of success (and fun) has been Happy Hours. Me, my wife, and a stack of business cards quickly leads to her passing around smiles and cards. That ultimately leads to her running out to the car for some books. I’m introduced, books are signed and sold, and I get to have a few drinks. You don’t know until you try it. Good luck, and once you get some momentum going, don’t slow down!

Tom David, a Financial Advisor since 1991, grew up and lives near Sharpsburg, Maryland and the Antietam National Battlefield. He, his wife and daughters enjoy what the outdoors has to offer, and often fish, camp, and canoe the local area often.

Tom’s book, Kory’s Lot, tells of a grieving father’s voyage into a realm of spirits and magic, a world where anything seems possible and everything is more than it appears. Walk with that father as he remembers lost love, and formulates a plan to recapture that which he believes was unfairly taken from him. Set in modern day in and around the famous Antietam National Battlefield, Kory’s Lot brings to life characters who live, love and fight like no others.

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