Our Green Thumbs

Max enjoyed helping me plant seeds for leeks, onions, two different kinds of sugar peas, green beans, tomatoes, hot peppers, and much more. I’m wondering if the garden is even big enough for the ambitious plans we have for this year!

This Editor Is UNREAL!!!

I just got this from an editor about whether she “pays” or not. I’ve never read anything like it, it’s just too hilarious:
Dear Roy, Unfortunately, the only monetary exchange that comes out of our publication is me paying our host to provide us the server. I wish I could pay! If you live close by, I can let you play with our puppy, she is really adorable, but other than that, just for the love of the game….

I guess if I were to get 2 acceptances from them, I could babysit their dog eventually.
Roy A. Barnes

What Is Online Marketing? – Part 1 By Richard Hoy

For the next six weeks, I’m going to try to explain what constitutes a “true” online marketing strategy. I’m going to lay out a plan you can use to sell and/or promote online. This plan is the culmination of 10 years of experience doing online marketing campaigns that ranged from being wildly successful to utter failures, and everything in between.

When Authors Die…What Happens to Their Books?

At your advice, I am preparing a clause for my publisher which will be retroactive (as the publisher said I could do) to include all my book contracts. My lawyer confirmed, too, that such an arrangement was between me and the publisher.

Selling Your Own Book to Your Own Students By Bill Pottle

Selling Your Own Book to Your Own Students By Bill Pottle

There are many ways to make a lot of money from print on demand (POD) books, especially in niche markets. Because of the low setup costs and quick turnaround time, POD printing can be used to produce books in situations where it was not possible to produce them before. One example of this is in college courses where, before, there might have been only a course packet, jumble of handouts, or nothing at all.

I Can Count On One Hand…

I’ve been fighting a croupy bug for almost two weeks now. I’d get a little better, then worse, then better, again. I felt better on Friday and ran some errands. We then went to our friends’ for dinner that night. On Saturday, I woke up very ill and spent the day in bed. I can count on one hand how many days I’ve spent in bed for an illness…and that includes childbirth.

Tickle Their Funny Bone By C. Hope Clark

Tim Bete, humor writer and coordinator for the annual Erma Bombeck’s Writing Workshop, teaches that to become a paid humor columnist, you need to submit your column to someone who will pay you…

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